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The Career Prospect of Nanotechnology

by bills1911
Tags: career, nanotechnology, prospect
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Feb24-12, 07:35 PM
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Hello PF, I am an aspiring chemical or materials engineer of whom would like to do a masters degree in nanotechnology. It looks as though it would have many many applications in the world of materials science.

As it is an emerging field, I would like to ask your opinions on where it is leading, and if it is worth hopping on the bandwagon for.
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Feb25-12, 02:51 PM
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many things use nanotechnology. all electronic devices, microscale medical devices and even many bulk materials depend on material properties at the nanoscale.

however this is what i have to tell you: in general the more boring and ordinary something is the more it gets paid except finance. that is because exciting things are new. except in finance and internet, new is not always better. in fact companies and governments in general do not like change, and through regulation actively discourage change except the type they like (the type that advantages them).

nanotech is exciting, thus the pay is low. from what i understand, the jobs in materials science are the guys who do mechanics of bulk materials.

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