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Contact surface - term

by Jack8rkin
Tags: contact, surface, term
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Apr24-12, 11:18 AM
P: 52
Hello everyone!
Help me please with selecting a correct term.
The situation is as follows:

There is a valve, which has a body and a bonnet.
There is a joint that connects the body to the bonnet.
There is a contacting surface on the bonnet flange and body flange that is used for sealing the inner cavity of the valve.
This surface looks like an annulus, or a ring and we have the area, inner diameter and outer diameter of it.
If translated from Russian it may sound as "sealing girdle", or "Sealing band".
Could it be "seal face"?

Could you please name the term that is used in the U.S.?
Hope, I made myself clear.

Thank you!
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Apr24-12, 01:27 PM
P: 145
seal face makes the most sense to me.
Apr24-12, 10:29 PM
P: 52
Thank you.

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