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Difference between psychodynamics and psychoanalysis?

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Apr30-12, 10:34 PM
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What is the difference between psychodynamics and psychoanalysis? Different sources are giving me different answers so I need to clarify.

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May1-12, 07:49 PM
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Psychodynamics is broad term to signify an evolution from Psychoanalysis. While a psychodynamic therapist may believe is some theories pioneered by Freud and others, its unlikely he would emphasize dream analysis and Freuds psychosexual theories. For example: he wouldn't make grand conclusions based on dreams, or that your OCD is the result of poor toilet training..

Psychodynamics generally emphasizes bring awareness to a person of there cognitions, believing that the unconscious is a real and powerful force in ones life, that childhood development plays a big role in who we become as adults, the use of free association - people just talking about whatever comes to mind rather then the therapist taking a more active role, ideas like the psychic apparatus, defense mechanisms, cognitive dissonance, transference, and counter transference.

In general most therapists are eclectic in practice and will use a variety of theories. Psychodynamic in conjunction with cognitive-behavioral therapy seems to be one of the more effective schemes.

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