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Audio amplifier

by luigihs
Tags: amplifier, audio
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Nov14-12, 07:17 AM
P: 86
Hello people Im doing an audio amplifier, but im really stuck in the circuit because the 1uF capacitor (C2 )doesnt work properly next the the potentiometer , but if I took off the Capacitor C2 I can hear music through my speakers, but with really bad quality. I dont know what you can recommend me guys thank you!

This is my circuit
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Nov14-12, 08:54 AM
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If you have C2 = 10nF that might explain it. Correct value shown on the circuit is 10uF.
Nov14-12, 09:03 AM
P: 86
SOrry I got confused but I still doing right, the value of C2 that is 1 uF it doesnt work when is connected with the potentiometer only if I take off the C2 and connect the C2 next to pin 3 would be working , but with bad quality audio. I do this circuit so it should be errors nobody provide me an example.

Nov14-12, 12:04 PM
P: 296
Audio amplifier

It's really hard to say what is going on without knowing what is inside that IC.

I don't see any external feedback so I don't know how you are selecting gain, unless that IC is a power amplifier at fixed gain. Without seeing any feedback, the input bias current on pin3 may be causing the output to saturate.
Nov15-12, 07:39 AM
P: 3,246
I can't make out the part number on the IC either. LM0??

I assume you have tried the obvious and set the potentiometer to the middle of it's range? They are frequently supplied set to one end.

In addition to the IC number it might help to know what the source is?

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