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Beam Line Layout Drowing

by parazit
Tags: beam line, drow
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Sep10-12, 07:43 AM
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Hi friends.

Does any of you knows anything about the beam line design tools ? I mean which program could be used to drow an electron beam line of a free electron laser from the gun to the dump ?

Each device have to be indicated by name and with some other properties. The diagram must be in scale.

I'm waiting for your answers ?

PS: Some examples are given below.
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Sep12-12, 06:22 AM
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any body ?
Nov16-12, 09:50 AM
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ChristinaJ's Avatar
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MAD for optics design and CAD/Draftsight for drawings.

CAD is expensive, though your institution may have a licence, Draftsight and MAD are free.

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