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Need help with identifying antique machinery parts, are those gears or not?

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Nov30-12, 12:50 AM
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Good morning engineers.

I have a set of old patterns used for sand casting back in the days and I am wondering what kind of machinery parts they are. Especially, I would like to know if those are gears / cogs or something else. Any ideas?

Thank you so much!
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Ranger Mike
Nov30-12, 04:05 AM
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looks like interal part for hydraulic pump
Dec1-12, 11:43 AM
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They appear to be made from wood, and most wooden machines didn't have hydraulic pumps.

I wonder if it is one half of of a dog-clutch mechanism, i.e the rings slide along the shaft to engage in an outer "gear". But it's not obvious why there should be 3 rings of different sizes.

Or it could be part of the "pattern" used to make a mould for sand-casting metal parts. Pack the sand around the wood, remove the wood, pour in the metal. The "holes" in the end face of the wood could be where tools were inserted to remove the wood carefully without disturbing the sand.

There seems to be some writing on the end faces - does that give any clues what it was?

EDIT: Sorry - I read your post title "machinery parts" and missed that you already said they were casting patterns, not the actual parts.

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