A SPACE ODDITY? Strange Kansas City marker part of world-wide mystery

by Ivan Seeking
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Ivan Seeking
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Sep9-03, 04:22 PM
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Turns out there have been more than 130 documented sightings of these "Toynbee tiles"-- as they're nicknamed on the Net -- in at least 20 cities around the United States (and two in South America!). In New York almost 50 tiles have been counted, in Philadelphia nearly 30. Twenty have been spotted in Baltimore, including four at one intersection. And there have been at least 16 documented sightings in Washington, D.C., -- one a block from the White House
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Sep10-03, 02:36 PM
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Good movie, but Stanley Kubric was a nut.
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Sep11-03, 03:50 AM
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So what the message infers that by him spreading the message to take the dead to jupiter to mars to be ressurrected, we will inevitably fullfill prophecy, and do just that- take dead people to mars, or do some type of reenactment of 2001. Sounds like that social worker founded some type of club espousing this believe, aned one, or several of his "followers planted these messages..hmmm

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Sep17-03, 04:26 AM
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A SPACE ODDITY? Strange Kansas City marker part of world-wide mystery

How have I not heard of this?! It's just bizarre, I love it!

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