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Converting uniformly distributed load applied to a surface on an angle to point loads

by tmglynch
Tags: angle, distributed, force, load
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Jan24-13, 01:36 AM
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If there is a uniformly distributed load due to gravity on a truss, how do I convert this into point forces on the three pin joints on the truss?

I am having trouble trying to work it out as I'm pretty sure there will be both forces in the x and in the y for each of the joints, but I can't work out how to determine this.

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Jan24-13, 06:47 AM
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Have you tried calculating the resultant force of the distributed force (which by the looks of your drawing will be at the middle joint, in the -y direction) and then calculated the forces in each truss due to the resultant force?

Remember, the moment caused by a distributed force can be expressed as a single resultant force applied at a point.

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