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2 clocks on a single satelite

by Alvydas
Tags: clocks, satelite, single
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Jun25-12, 04:20 PM
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Quote Quote by Alvydas View Post
Lets say you are right,
Experiment proves I am right.
Jun26-12, 07:54 AM
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Quote Quote by GAsahi View Post
Experiment proves I am right.
Ok, but only if somebody will be able to draft some realistic scheme.
If you think about GPS, just extract the most important pars from it and show how.
I am not an expert for GPS, but generally I know how it works and I do not found any solution.

The simplest picture would be much useful to be sure we talk about the same things,
because my English is not good enough.
But with big building maybe would be even easier for you, if it possible at all.

I am not sure maybe I am asking not in good time, maybe most proper people are on holidays?

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