Law of Length

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Nov29-05, 05:42 PM
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Can someone explain to me what Law of Length because I have tried to look for it in my textbook and the Internet but have been unsuccessful, so if someone can give me a link to finding what Law of Length is or tell me what it is, it would really help.
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Nov30-05, 06:17 AM
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"Law of Length"?? Never heard of it. Where did you hear the phrase?

I just googled on "Law of Length" and now I know too much!

Here is one possibility:
which says
"Law III: Law of Length/Duration Elasticity
Standardized lengths for things like cables can be extended by the sheer presence of a tech. Ex: in the presence of a tech, 18" IDE cables can reach lengths of at least 21", if not more. Also, routines with standard time lengths, like a boot, can be accelerated or delayed as necessary by the will of the tech. "

Hmmm, I think that's a joke!

which says:
"Law of Length
News reports are usually brief. Keep your responses short and to the point."
Not sure whether that's a joke or not but not likely to be what you are looking for!

I think it most likely what you are looking for is one of these:
which assert that the period of a pendulum is proportional to the square root of the length of the pendulum. Never thought of calling that a "law" myself!

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