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Weird equation

by Lonewolf
Tags: equation, weird
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Apr25-03, 06:28 AM
P: 333
How can we solve an equation such as xy-yx = 1 without guessing?
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Pauly Man
Apr25-03, 07:25 AM
P: 127
I'd solve that equation numerically, using mathematica or matlab.
Apr25-03, 08:29 AM
P: 333
Is there no analytical method? Or is it just horrendously complicated?

Apr25-03, 08:38 AM
STAii's Avatar
P: 353
Weird equation

This question was asked about 150 years ago.
It was only answered recently.
You can find more about its solution somewhere on Wolfram .
Apr26-03, 07:51 AM
P: 333
I can't find anything on it. Does anyone know what the class of equation is called?

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