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Weight of a plane

by genneth
Tags: plane, weight
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Mar31-08, 01:54 AM
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There has been many questions and fierce arguments over whether or not an airplane will take off if on a conveyor belt "runway"....with fierce answers, the question has been deemed simple, but with complicated answers.

One of my simplest solutions to this was a thought experiment.

OK, we know the plane is meant to take off from the ground,(ground to air) and find it difficult to answer.

A simpler tackle at this would be to imagine the plane coming from the air and landing on the conveyor strip.

we know if the plane (from ground to air) would not take off because of the conveyor belt, it would stop in a quicker amount of time, we know that the plane would not stop quicker if landing on it , concluding that it would take off, if it was on a conveyor belt.

Mar31-08, 02:05 AM
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Dude, this has been answered years ago. Search it. Were NOT discussing this lame question anymore. (It does take off). Have a nice day.

The reason this keeps coming up in other forums is becuase those other forums are full of guys who dont know a damn thing about physics and thus talk out their exhaust stacks on answers using examples that dont mean jack squat.

Am I a little sick of seeing this question pop up? -Just a little.

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