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Video lectures on Youtube

by siddharth
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Feb9-08, 06:35 AM
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The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning is an initiative funded by the Government of India.

They've put up video lectures from various courses in engineering and science which were taught at the Indian Institute of Science or the various Indian Institute of Technologies on youtube. This is analogous to the video lectures of the MIT OCW program.

I've linked to some of the courses below. Each link has a series of lectures. For the entire list, visit this website.

Note that each individual lecture is about 1 hour, and a complete course has around 40 lectures.

- Advanced Strength of Materials

- Basic Electronics

- Biochemistry

- Computer Graphics

- Digital Circuits and Systems

- Digital VLSI System Design

- Discrete Mathematical Structures

- Electro Magnetic Fields

- Finite Element Method

- Fluid Mechanics

- Intelligent Systems and Control

- Introduction to Computer Graphics

- Numerical Methods and Programing

- Solid State Devices

This is an ongoing project, so check here for additional content which may have been added.
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