Tough tough question: Calculating magnetic Flux in water

by chassiz
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Apr14-08, 04:11 PM
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Hey all, so i have a cylindrical 1.61 tesla magnet with pole orientations (+)_)- being spun at 350RPMs in a cylindrical body of water. The body of water dimensions are 19inches tall, and 13.5 diameter. The magnet is centered in the container of water.
Also, the magnet is spinning with a propeller on the top of it so it is generating a vortex. the vortex is approximately 6inches in diameter at the surface of the water, and at the point it reaches the magnet it is about 4inches in diameter. Im really trying to determine the change in magnetic flux that way i can determine how much EMF is being produced. So, if anyone can help me it would be really appreciated.
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