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Are larger seeds more sensitive to NaCl than relatively smaller seeds?

by rowkem
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Feb23-09, 09:17 PM
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So, we grew "large seeds" and "small seeds" in a certain concentration of NaCl. We also grew the same kinds of seeds in regular water.

The control group data showed that the larger seeds had a longer radicle than than the smaller seeds. The NaCl group showed the same; larger seeds=relatively longer radicles. We did it at increasing concentrations of NaCl and found the same results.

So, would it be safe to assume that both are equally affeceted by NaCl. Both had their radicle lengths decreased by about the same amount for most NaCl concentrations.

So - the question becomes: how does NaCl affect the germination of a seed?
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Feb24-09, 04:05 AM
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Make a comparison at each concentration of NaCl, to the control group. How did radicle length of the larger seeded plant at each concentration, compare to radicle length of larger seeded plant in control group? How did radicle length of the smaller seeded plant at each concentraion, compare to the radicle length of the smaller seeded plant in the control group?

Have you made a search of the literature on your kind of experiment? You can find a few articles online about this. For a better search, you may also want to go to your library and look this up (you may ask the reference librarian to help you if you have trouble finding information).

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