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The Iodination of Acetone lab- Need help with determining the reaction orders

by crabapple11
Tags: acetone, determining, iodination, orders, reaction
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Nov13-09, 06:46 PM
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I need to find the variable m in the following equation

Here is our expirmental data
Exp. 1
10 ml of 4 M acetone + 10 ml of 1 M HCl + 10 ml 0.005 M I2 reacted in 68 sec.
Exp. 2
20 ml of 4 M acetone + 10 ml of 1 M HCl + 10 ml 0.005 M I2 reacted in 27.6 sec.

I calculated the initial concentration of each to be
Exp. 1 (Acetone)=0.8 M (H+)=0.2M (I2)=0.001M
Exp. 1 (Acetone)=1.6 M (H+)=0.2M (I2)=0.001M
I found the rate of reaction to be
Exp. 1 = 1.47 * 10-5
Exp. 2 = 3.63 * 10-5

Then I plugged the data into the equation
and solved for "m"
but i got 1.26

My question is whether or not this number is even close and if it is should I just round it to 1 or what is the correct answer?
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