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Tracking a plane

by EaGlE
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Aug29-04, 11:46 PM
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Intro: A radar station detects an airplane coming straight at the station from the east. At first observation (point A), the range to the plane is 360 m at 40 degrees above the horizon. The plane is tracked for another 123 degrees in the vertical east-west plane for 5.0 s, until it has passed directly over the station and reaches point B. The range at final contact is 880 m. The contact points are shown in the diagram.

Question: What is [tex]\hat R_{BA}[/tex] the change of the displacement vector of the plane while the radar was tracking it?

Here, [tex]\hat R_{BA} = \hat R_{B} - \hat R_{A}.[/tex] Express [tex]\hat R_{BA}[/tex] numerically as an ordered pair, separating the x and z components with a comma, to an accuracy of two significant figures.

my work is also included(work i did is in red)... did i do my calculations correctly?
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Aug31-04, 10:15 AM
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everything looks good except you didn't quite answer the question! the answer should be in the form r = <dx, dy>.

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