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Dimensional Rifts, Windows, Einstein-Rosen Bridge & other Mindbenders

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Aug19-10, 05:10 PM
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Well, you guys were so great/polite/Knowledgable last time so I'm back again with another Screenplay related question. This time I've moved on from amateur screenwriter to Semi-Professional. It's been a good year :) So this is where I'm beginning my research.

I've been pitched a new Sci-Fi concept and I've been looking into the science involved. First a little context as to the story-

The main hero (or Anti-hero) is a Physics Grad. In the opening act, he needs to glimpse the presence of another world. That could either be another/Parallel dimension or preferably another point/planet in space in our universe. It's the presence of that planet that sparks the story. Like Earth isn't what we think it is.

So the info I need is how someone could glimpse another planet? How a rift could open up? Or a window? Or a crack in reality? How could someone on earth suddenly glimpse the presence of another world/planet based on real scientific theory?

Obviously I'm not asking for how to open up another dimension (unless you know. It'd be great for research). I'm just trying to find a starting point for my research of how, in the relative flexability of Sci-fi logic, that it could feasibly happen. I want to make this as close to real scientific theory as possible (hence I've been looking into the Einstein-Rosen Bridge which gave rise to theory of wormholes).

Thankin' you in advance. And again, if this is the wrong place, then feel free to move me on...or beat me with sticks and drive me from the forum forever!
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Aug20-10, 01:43 PM
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Keeping in mind that this is sci-fi...
1) Some sort of one in a billion gravitational lensing event occurs while he's looking through a telescope and happens to catch a zoomed in (and somehow magically undistorted) view of an exoplanet.

2) Some how there is the sudden presence of negative energy density both next to our anti-hero and this exoplanet, allowing him a quick glimpse of the far off land before the wormhole that suddenly appeared--just as suddenly pinches off. (Maybe this is just a really really really big quantum fluctuation).

3) It comes to him in a dream.
AJ Bentley
Aug21-10, 05:38 AM
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How about neutrinos?

What if, while we've been using EM waves for all our communication (photons) everyone else in the galaxy has been using neutrinos. (They aren't attenuated by dust and debris in space so represent a much cleaner form of communication)
Don't ask me how you would build a device that uses neutrinos, but say you did, and you found an information stream in the background noise...

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