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[matlab] I just want to plot a function that describes position as a function of time

by Raziel2701
Tags: describes, function, matlab, plot, position, time
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Oct2-10, 07:36 PM
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It's an object that's falling from rest. The equation takes into account linear friction. in any case, this is is my code or program of whatever it is called:

m=80;%Mass of ignorance
beta=1.6*10^-4;%Given coefficient for air at STP
D=.4;%Diameter of Palin, assuming she's a spherical object
b=beta*D;%Coefficient of linear friction

x=(m./b)*(g*t + e^(-b*t./m));

grid on
ylabel('Position of Sarah Below Helicopter','FontSize',16)

I get this error:
Error in ==> HW13myprogram at 10
x=(m./b)*(g*t + e^(-b*t./m));

What am I doing wrong?
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Dr Transport
Oct3-10, 12:24 PM
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replace your equation with

x=(m/b)*(g*t + e.^(-b*t/m));
Oct3-10, 01:27 PM
P: 15
It worked fine for me with:

x=(m./b)*(g*t + exp(-b*t./m));

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