please help calculate the metacentric height pontoon

by joey1
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Apr11-11, 04:10 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
The plan view of a flat bottomed pontoon with all its sides vertical 12m long with 1m radius at each end and 2m wide.The
displacement including the load is 28tons. It is used in sea water for which the relative density can
be taken as 1.025.

a)The metacentric height if the mass centre of the load is 400mm above the base.
b)If part of the load having a mass of 1.2tons is to be moved 500mm to one side of centre,
calculate the expected list this would cause.

2. Relevant equations
H=Wx X1/w+Wc tan Teta

3. The attempt at a solution
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Apr14-11, 04:14 PM
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Do you know how to calculate the initial metacentric height of the pontoon?

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