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Design of IC engine coolant pump (centrifugal)

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Sep15-11, 03:04 PM
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I am to design a pump for the cooling circuit of a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine has already been designed. I am currently referring to Pump Handbook (McGraw Hill publications) and trying to get a hold of Centrifugal Pumps-Design & Application (Ross-Lobanoff).

One particularly perplexing problem is finding out the system curve and flow rate (which I am guessing will depend on the radiator?). can anyone give a few pointers about how to go about the whole process.

Also, if someone could recommend certain publications or sources of information.

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Sep18-11, 11:11 PM
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Drop a PM to member "Ranger Mike" with your questions. If he can't directly help you, he can likely point you to the necessary resources.
Ranger Mike
Sep19-11, 07:11 AM
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thanks Pantaz..nice to be thought of !
we have run an electric fuel pump and water pump on the car for over 8 years..the main reason is horse power
mechanical fuel pumps are one big heat sink and the fuel is heated when in close proximity to the engine block..we want denser mixture so cool is better..the water pump saves up to 15 HP on a V8 so we figured the Hp savings was about 7 HP..add another 1 t o two hp gain from zero mechanical fuel pump drag And denser mixture and we go a 5 to 6 % hp gain on the significant advantage is the el. pump can ruin after the race and continue to cool the engine..longevity..

I suggest you look at
we run this electric water pump on a Ford Cosworth 4 cylinder overhead cam engine in our formula car..engine is tricked out to the max..12 to one compression ratio.Av Gas...high lift cam, hedders etc..if this 20 GPM pump can cool this car ( dual radiators mounted in side cooling fan at should be a good base line for the four cylinder you are looking at.
A quick telephone call to will point you in a good direction toward the radiator can OVER cool a everything else, its all about balance..know the cid and HP, vehicle weight, type transmission, you intend to use and they can help..


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