some device or contraption to measure point impact velocity - ballistic pendulum ???

by knosaj
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Dec3-11, 07:27 AM
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i hope you guys and gals can point me in the right direction for a prototype i am working on.

I am looking for a device that measures impact velocity. much like a ballistic pendulum only much sturdier than the ones ive seen online. it has to be able to take a lot of abuse

it doesnt need to be a complete item, i can work with anything that i will be able to rig together, mount on a pole and take the measurement.

it should operate with a pendulum type motion. it doesnt have to be small, but it should be portable.

thank you in advance for your help.

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Dec4-11, 08:58 AM
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maybe something that is already in production that i can retro fit?

i have seen the hydrology velocity meters, but i am not sure this would measure the same type of velocity that i am looking for. besides the one i have seen may not stand up to the impacts i will subject it to.

thanks again.

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