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Cold War books / movies

by Adyssa
Tags: books, cold, movies
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Mar3-12, 11:49 PM
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I'd like some new material to devour, and I have an interest in this era for some reason, particularly the spy stuff (!) but also the space race, and other associated topics. I don't mind if it's fact or fiction really, it's not an academic pursuit. I'd quite like some books, so I can read them on the train, but I like movies too.

What have I read/seen so far ...

Pretty much all of the Tom Clancy books/movies (the Jack Ryan ones anyway)
More than a few Alistair MacLean books
Dr Strangelove
Thirteen Days
Goodnight And Good Luck (absolutely love this film)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
The Right Stuff

and next on my watch list is:

The Good Shepherd
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
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Jimmy Snyder
Mar4-12, 04:07 AM
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A Dandy in Aspic. The movie, I never read the book.
Mar4-12, 05:45 AM
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I think it's probably accurate to characterize all the original James Bond novels by Ian Flemming as "Cold War Literature".

Mar4-12, 10:25 AM
HW Helper
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Cold War books / movies

Fail Safe.

They made a 2000 TV movie starring Harvey Keitel (which I've seen). Prior to this, there was a 1964 big screen movie starring Henry Fonda (which I've not seen).

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