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Secondary water condition entering the SG

by wulianlian
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Mar20-12, 08:46 PM
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Hi, I am a student specializing in material, now i would like to stimulate secondary water of a Pressurized water reactor, could anybody tell me the water property entering the Steam Generator?

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Mar20-12, 09:09 PM
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The feedwater is a compressed liquid and its subcooling or enthalpy/temperature depend on how much reheat (heat recovered) from the condensate of the high and low pressure turbines (through heat recovery heat exchangers).

See - Condensate-Feedwater Systems

Search for feedwater in this document (Components are listed by temperatures are not given):

EPR Secondary Side Parameters -
•Outlet Steam Static Pressure   1118 psia(77.1 bar)
•Secondary Design Pressure      1450 psia
•Steam Flowrate                     1407.4 lbm/s (638.4 kg/s)
•Feedwater Temperature          446ºF (230ºC)
•Overall Circulation Ratio           3.6
•Water Mass                          85.1 Tons (77.2 Metric Tons)
•Steam Mass                          6.06 Tons (5.50 Metric Tons)
•Total Mass                           91.2 Tons (82.7 Metric Tons)
For AP1000 - (Table 5.1-2, page 5.1-10)

Feedwater temperature, °F 440
Exit steam pressure, psia 836
Steam flow, lb/hr per steam generator 7.49x106
Total steam flow, lb/hr 14.97x106
jim hardy
Mar21-12, 12:13 AM
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specializing in material
Thermodynamic properties as Astronuc said.

Cemically - purity of the water is incredible, to parts per billion.
Search on PWR Secondary Chemistry turns up plenty of articles. Corrosion was a huge problem in 1970's.

Mar21-12, 03:23 PM
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Secondary water condition entering the SG

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Some great links again Astronuc. Thanks a lot!
Mar22-12, 12:15 AM
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Thank you so much! That great link helps me a lot!

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