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Constant term in the adiabatic equation

by mechgen
Tags: adiabatic, constant, equation, term
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Jan5-13, 12:45 AM
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Hi there! I am working on a project that requires some idea of adiabatic processes. I know the basics of the said topic and I'm currently stuck with the reversible adiabatic equation PV^(gamma)=constant.. and want to know what is the constant term i.e. on what parameters it depends and what is its mathematical equation? Kindly help me if you can...
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Jan5-13, 08:35 AM
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It is a constant,right.Then why should it depend on anything.
Jan5-13, 10:05 AM
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where P1 and V1 are the initial pressure and volume.

Jan6-13, 01:02 AM
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Constant term in the adiabatic equation

It is a constant,right.Then why should it depend on anything.
well as far as I know...a constant term doesn't mean that it doesn't depend on any other parameter. Take the ebullioscopic constant for instance..that depends on certain values of specific heat and and the temperature etc... I hope you get my point!
Jan6-13, 01:21 AM
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well,for adiabatic process it means that if system is going under adiabatic change then that Pv^gamma would not change.

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