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Pump and water storage system homework help

by jamesdocherty
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Apr1-13, 01:52 AM
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for a task at school i have to design a pump and water storage system that will be able to work with a wind turbine to supply water from a well to a small community of about 2000 people. i am having some trouble finding information regarding these topics:
-flow rate of pump
-power of pump required to push the water up to tank 10m above ground
- average daily drinking water per person
- size and materials of tank
- does the tank have to be insulated
- shape of the tank

how do i find any of this stuff out, what should the size of the tank so it can support 2000 people of drinking water, like should it be able to hold water for a day for each person or something, i am just really confused about how i should know any of this information,

any help suggesting points or websites would be highly appreciated,
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Apr1-13, 11:13 AM
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What you'll need:

1) What is the amount of water you'll need to pump into the tower?
-Average daily requirement
-Max requirement (say, during the time of day that many people start drawing down the tower at once)
2) If the pump is submerged in the well, what is the total elevation change between the suction port and the inlet of the tank?

3) Insulation: Well, does it get hot there? Do they boil their water anyway?

The rest of the stuff is stuff you'll have to provide some work much water is reasonable for a person to need in a day considering their conditions? What materials are better for storing potable water, or does it even matter in this case (i.e. is cost and ease of use more important than slight contamination)? How much reserve water is needed? etc.etc.

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