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What are wave and particle nature of light theories?

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Apr25-13, 11:22 PM
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hello everyone i wanna ask that what are the theories that proposes the wave nature of light and also those which proves the particle nature of light?
list all the theories please !
P.S i dont want a complete description about those theories.
thank you
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Apr25-13, 11:43 PM
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Google for "wave nature of light" and "particle nature of light" and read what you find, and you'll be able to come back with a better formed question.
Apr26-13, 10:44 AM
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Photoelectric effect
Quantum mechanics
Special Relativity

Do you need explanations?

Apr30-13, 12:37 PM
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What are wave and particle nature of light theories?

The debate on whether light is a particle or wave is long over. Modern theories don't distinguish between the two. Are you looking for a list of obsolete theories?

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