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Machine Parts requiring cleaning in Steel Mills?

by kunalv
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Jun10-14, 02:18 AM
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Hello all!

I have recently started a Parts Cleaning Machine manufacturing business. Most of my clients are Automobile Manufacturers & Ancillaries.

The last couple of years have been disastrous for the automobile industry here. So I was looking to broaden my horizon and target the Steel Industry.

So I would like to ask any people here working/worked with Steel Industries that, what would be some parts in a Rolling Mill that would require cleaning? I know there are Roll Chocks & Bearings that are cleaned. So besides this, are there other parts?

Is there some literature that would help me learn about the operations & equipment in a Steel Mill?

Also, how about targeting the Cement & Power Industry?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Greg Bernhardt
Jul1-14, 08:43 AM
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I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?

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