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Low friction/ "ductile" material?

by cesar
Tags: ductile, friction or, material
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Jul24-14, 11:50 AM
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I'm developing a small product, And I need a material ( maybe a plastic ) for a metal part slide through. The material will have a hole and the metal part will go through but will have to be very tight hole and I'm afraid when making production obviously the measurements maybe be different and when assembling the parts the metal part will not be able to go through because it is too big gap or too tight so I need a material that when metal part goes through the material will shrink to adapt. And the metal will go through smoothly.

Is it possible to get a material like this.
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Jul28-14, 01:24 AM
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Yes, but you must be more specific.

Can the metal part be round?
Can the metal part be polished?

Why must it be a tight fit? If for alignment then plastic will not be good. If for a gas or water seal, then use an O-ring seal.

There are plastics that have good lubrication properties. Consider PTFE = Teflon.

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