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Greg Bernhardt

Quantum Computing 'Magic'

Quantum Computing offers a potential sea-change in computer power, but what are the issues with it, why aren't we all using quantum iphones already? Associat...

Greg Bernhardt, Nov 13, 2016
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      is this the club penguin help forum? ive lost all my puffles
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      I just came across this link to IBM's experimental cloud quantum computing service. This was by way of a story about how Microsoft is looking to quantum computing as perhaps their next big thing. Feynman had a strong interest in computation and of course led a group of "computers" (meaning actual people who did calculations) during his Manhattan Project period, and he gets credit for starting this field later on.


      I don't have time right now but maybe someone will try this and report on their experience. It could be fascinating.
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    Greg Bernhardt
    Nov 13, 2016
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