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Greg Bernhardt

Why Does Time Exist at All?

“Cosmologist Sean Carroll attacks — in an entertaining and thought-provoking tour through the nature of time and the universe — a deceptively simple question...

Greg Bernhardt, Oct 24, 2016
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      What an excellent presentation, I would never have thought of entropy and dark energy in those ways. One doesn't often find these concepts distilled in such an understandable manor, great video. !
    • CaptainJonathanNorth
      It seems to me there are some important similarities between time and gravity. Both are unidirectional, both mysterious, both have mind bending properties. Perhaps there is no such thing as time. If there is only gravity. If you dispense with time completely, you just have gravity. Gravity is a vector field. The problem I am wrestling with, is mathematical, how does one take a derivative with respect to gravity?
    • Blade0FDarkness221
      why do i exist at all :DD
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    Greg Bernhardt
    Oct 24, 2016
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