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    Parallel or Series?

    Homework Statement I'm just a bit confused about identifying the capacitors in this circuit as connected in parallel or series. The Attempt at a Solution The solution is parallel, though I am unsure why.
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    Partial Pressure of Air

    1 mol of every gas occupies the same volume (at the same pressure and temperature). Thanks, it makes sense now :)
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    Partial Pressure of Air

    Homework Statement A cylinder contains 1 L of air at 10 atm and 298 K. Knowing that air is composed of 79% N2 and 21% O2 by VOLUME, calculate the initial partial pressure for both. Homework Equations Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT Mole Fraction: yi = moles of i / total moles Partial Pressure: Pi...
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    Wordoku solver in C

    Lab 7, eh. Please don't post your code for Labs online. You're giving anybody the chance to copy it, and posting it online is an academic offence. If I were you, I'd delete the code from here and try working at it again. Losing 3 % of your mark isn't a big deal, losing 3 % of your mark...
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    Momentum Problem (is it possible to solve)

    Homework Statement We collected the following data from a virtual lab with two pucks having an elastic collision. m1 = 1 kg m2 = 2 kg v1 = 0 v2 = .2 m/s [318 degrees] we have to find the final velocities for the pucks... I was trying this out but it seems that there are too many...
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    Law of conservation of momentum problem

    Alright, thanks! I just have one quick question relating to the original problem. If the system is set accordingly to include all the objects (like earth and the apple in the original question), is momentum always conserved?
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    Analyzing motion with friction

    You have the coefficient of friction from part b. You can use this value to find the force of kinetic friction acting on the toboggan+kids. And because the tobaggon must move at a constant velocity, the net force must be zero. Thus, like you wrote, Fa = Fk.
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    Law of conservation of momentum problem

    Homework Statement A falling rock gains momentum as its speed increases. Does this observation contradict the law of conservation of momentum. Explain. Answer in the textbook: This observation does not contradict the law of conservation of momentum. The momentum of the earth increases...
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    Normal Force Work Problem

    Thanks, this clarifies it a lot!
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    Normal Force Work Problem

    Yes, but doesn't the normal force equal zero when it is not in contact with a surface. So, during the displacement, isn't the normal force 0 as the only force acting on the object is gravity. Thus, wouldn't the work done by the normal force be zero.
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    Normal Force Work Problem

    Homework Statement Can the normal force on an object ever do work on the object? Explain your answer. The answer in the textbook is: The normal force can do work on an object. For example, when you jump, you push down on the ground and the normal force pushes up on you and...