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    I Intuition behind fields in Transmission lines

    How can travelling wave exist on transmission line if wires are perfect conductors (how voltages can be different at different positions on one perfect conductor)? I mean electric fiels should be zero on equipotential source. I know if length is too long compared to wavelength, we get phase...
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    Diffraction tomography, inverse scattering

    Does it also covers tomography?
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    Diffraction tomography, inverse scattering

    What are some good books which covers topics like diffraction tomography, inverse scattering, RF imaging and Fourier optics?
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    Difference between "Inverse Scattering" and "Diffraction tomography"?

    I saw there are two types of methods for RF imaging, Inverse Scattering" and "Diffraction tomography. What are the differences between them?
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    Rayleigh limit in inverse scattering imaging

    I was reading that in inverse scattering approach, we divide the region of interest into discrete grids and size of each grid should be much smaller than the incident wavelength (usually smaller than one-tenth of wavelength). By this logic, theoretically, I can use inverse electromagnetic...
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    Understanding the Multiple scattering effect

    Thanks a lot for the reply. Really, it made my day. Thanksssss a ton! Can you tell me if I get it right: So the reason why we want each discrete induced dipole as very small compared to wavelength (in the discrete volume source integral) is to have a continuous alignment of induced dipoles. This...
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    Understanding the Multiple scattering effect

    What does it mean by induced source in multiple Electromagnetic scattering by large scatterer? While solving volume source integral to model multiple scattering by large scatterers, do we consider each discrete small region as induced dipole or a point source? Why it is a rule that these small...
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    I Visualization of fields in waveguides

    Can someone provide me intuitive visualization of how E or H field can be longitudinal in a waveguide (TM/TE)? TEM is easy to visualize, but how EM wave can behave like sound in a waveguide (constant phase and amplitude plane in the same direction)? [Moderator: large bold font removed. In the...
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    Simulating forward electromagnetic scattering for a dielectric

    I want to simulate 2D TM scattered fields (microwave range) for austria profile. Austria profile has 2 circles beside each other of certain dielectric and one ring below the circles. So basically I have three dielectric objects in the domain of interest and also positions of Tx and Rx are known...
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    Classical Electromagnetic Scattering

    What are the best resources (books/lectures/articles) to learn Classical Electromagnetic Scattering (forward and inverse modelling)? I am an Electrical Engineer so I would prefer some resource which is from an applied perspective. My specific research topic is related to modeling and analyze 2D...