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    Which engineering is right for me

    as we know engineering is a vast field consisting of so many engineering you have to study maths,phy,chem and branch my opinion go for will find it interesting and it is bit different from other branches
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    Engineering, yes. But which engineering?

    In my opinion one should be very strong to do engineering..and what i felt that you are not interested in maths.whatever will be your subject in engineering maths is first build interest for this then go for engineering
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    Physics Is MBA benificial after BSC physics

    I am confused about my brother career..he has done BSC in physics but now he wants to do MBA..will it be helpful for him
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    Physics Can i work in some companies as a website developer with a physics degree?

    If you want to work as a developer then you should work more on programming not physics...then you can create your own website
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    I would like your opinion.

    If physics is your passion & you like it lot then I would suggest to go and take any physics degree...but if you want it as a subject with other subjects like maths,electrical then you can go for engineering...
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    Should I change courses?

    As you have got poor grade so it might be tough for you to take degree in physics..but if you work hard and you like physics then you can easily get do what you want
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    Math Maths at later stages of career.

    As u liked maths earlier I think your basic concepts must be clear in it....I also love maths but now in software company...I want to say you can learn either by taking degree in maths or can take guide from professor..
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    Engineering What in physics and what in engineering

    see I did engineering 2 yrs back and I also love physics....In engineering you have to read can take mechanical branch...and there you will be studying maths,physics,mechanical...everything..