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    Programs Astronomy PhD in Europe

    Hello all- I'm currently wrapping up a Physics M.S. in astrophysics at a well-known university in the USA for this field, and for a few reasons I want to get my Astronomy PhD in Europe, focusing on experiment (I know I want to transfer from here because the research opportunities don't...
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    REU this summer anyone?

    I applied to about ten programs that were a mix between astronomy and physics... I've heard back from three so far, but no luck.:frown: Two of those were programs with February 1 deadlines, however, so I still have a bit of hope.
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    Summer job in Physics for UK student

    You're right: most US programs are required to only have US residents in the programs due to funding (like the vast majority of REUS). However, there are some exceptions if you look carefully at the list, Caltech's LIGO comes to mind, but most places will still give preferences to Americans...
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    Admissions Advice for applying to REUs

    They're published articles, some of which I was paid for and some of which I wasn't (difficult to get paid as a teenage writer!). The ones I was thinking about are ones that involved science writing and reached a decent circulation size...
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    Admissions Advice for applying to REUs

    Alright thanks for the responses.:smile: After looking through a few applications I have another question for you all. One of the things I do as a hobby consists of freelance science writing and I've got a small file of articles like that already, and while everyone I've asked agreed that it...
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    Admissions Advice for applying to REUs

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience or advice for applying to REUs. I'm currently a sophomore with some research under my belt so I'm probably going to give it a shot this year. :smile: Does anyone have any advice about getting in or know anything about specific...
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    Educational versus Personal Pursuits

    I think you and your fiance should have a discussion so you know just how far he'd be willing to follow you and support your goals... the fact that he keeps changing the subject indicates you probably haven't had this conversation yet and need to. Best of luck. :smile:
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    So Long So Long So Long So Long

    [URL [Broken] And Thanks For All the Fish![/url] (for those who love Hitchhiker's, of course) :tongue2:
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    HS students: what's a 'C' on your grade scale?

    *Looks at grades, makes plans to transfer to the University of Victoria*
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    Who has the best PF username?

    What? It's not the astronomers' fault that they get to do it in clusters with hot stars... :cool:
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    Girl question

    It's not a good idea to actually ask a girl if she likes you because then you'll probably be seen as too direct. Just ask her if she wants to have a cup of coffee and see what happens is usually the best way to find out! Good luck. :smile:
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    Who has the best PF username?

    Of course if we want to discuss who has the name refering to the biggest and brightest object I think I take the prize. Unless there are any other rouge galaxies running around. :biggrin:
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    Weird Project Idea

    Hmmm... how about a collage of perdy astronomy pictures, would that work?
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    Who is your alter ego?

    I'm a twin and people keep asking which of the two of us is the evil one. So I guess my alter ego is the good one. :devil:
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    Highest Level of Math

    At my school the premeds take Calc I and II, the idea being if they're going to take physics they need to understand it somehow. :wink: