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    PF Photo Contest Winners

    :surprised...........I see do you want to start negotiating… ok how about ensuring 3 votes for your next contest, guaranteed o:)42
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    Best Songs Ever

    check this one, something different, way different…………hope you don’t mind o:)42
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    PF Photo Contest Winners

    Any chance to buy your rank Borek??:biggrin: I’ll pay you enough…how much will it cost
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    No idea?

    Hello, any one knows a good article that describes the first-principles calculations please link or type the title of it, any idea what does it describes, appreciate your help. o:)42
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    Wouldn't it be cool if

    wouldn't that change thoughts about this forum, like it’ll be a game site or something, besides you should get concern about the (spirit) of this forum! Which I see is loved by so many as it is…:uhh:
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    It is Inauguration Day!

    I’m hopeful for the next coming years, this doesn’t only affecting American people, the whole world is interacting to this candidate like never before, hope the best for you Americans … o:)42
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    News Who won israel vs gaza ?

    you are right sorry for that, I forget to tell you that the media doesn't show the same look at o:)42
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    News Who won israel vs gaza ?

    just have alook at this (Award-winning documentary film on the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.) and you'll know what I'm talking about, [Broken] and please Evo don't delete this, this ia what the arabs know about...
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    News Who won israel vs gaza ? and [Broken] Israel has the most highly technological weapons which are provided by the U.S. they could target...
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    News Who won israel vs gaza ?

    Note that the military and tanks are still present during this (ceasefire) which to Gazans not with the presence of the enemy on their land
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    News Who won israel vs gaza ?

    Your are saying that thinking that is the logical reaction Israel can do, but from the factual events of this war Israel is punishing the Palestinian people, the white phosphorous bombs they use (which is internationally banned)shows a target-less bombard that only make Palestinian suffer for...
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    PF PHOTO CONTEST - Churches & the like (jan 10th-17th)

    Hello, it has been a while since my last entry, I would like to say -due to recent events- that I wish peace to the Palestinian people and all people around the world to live in peace. [Broken] Alanany Mosque- Jeddah.
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    Electrical applications for nano particles

    I think that too, cause it took me time tring to figure this out and still done nothing, If you don't mind asking this what about the metal-oxide nanoparticles elec-app do you know a link for that (( you look like you know so much about it I guess))
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    Electrical applications for nano particles

    That what confuses me too. I've been asked to do this research a while ago and still not finished with it; I thought of numbering the nano particles to its types such as carbon nano tubes, then telling the electrical app of each one of them. If you can help me telling its types and the elect app...