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    Schools Which UK University?

    I am trying to decide which university to attend (to study for an Astrophysics BSc).. I have offers from both Kings College and QMUL (Queen Marys University of London), but i don't know where to go! Although kings has a better reputation overall, the guardian university guide puts QMUL 7th...
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    Binding Energy Problem

    1. Homework Statement Problem: Calculate the binding energy of 147N (nuclear mass of 13.999234 amu) in Joules per nucleon. According to periodic table, the mass of N is 14.0067 amu. 2. Homework Equations E = mc2 3. The Attempt at a Solution Calculate mass defect: 13.999234 -...
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    Vector Component angles

    Well in my book I am basically told to use this equations (Where Vr is the resultant): V_r^2 = (V_1 sin\Theta)^2 + (V_1 cos\Theta + V_2)^2 - I want to know why I would use this forumla...
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    Vector Component angles

    1. Homework Statement A velocity of 10ms^{-1} is to be replaced by two components, 7.0ms^{-1} and 5.0ms^{-1}. What must be the angle between the two components? 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution Now I think that the answer to the solution lies in using trig...