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    Looking into Physics / Astrophysics is it to late?

    If you are really interested, its never too late in science. Since you are interested in astrophysics, I would suggest you to read some books which cover the subject broadly. Start with Frank Shu (for conceptual understanding) or Carroll and Ostlie (for basic mathematical training). After this...
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    Trignometric and hyperbolic equalities: Why the golden ratio?

    Hi! Interesting question. I have always been fascinated by the golden ratio which keeps appearing at places where you least expect :smile: Will have to think about this one.
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    Yes it is much clear and illustrative than the picture I was pondering with. I think I got your point. Correct me if I am wrong: I take a vector (any orientation) and move along the curve tangentially (i.e. the line perpendicular to the base of the vector always remains tangential to the...
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    Hi, Thanks I got the applet working. Works great. Now I need to spend some time with it and think it over. Thanks again.
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    Cannot run the applet : missing plug in :cry: In the above figure (previous post) the vector neither seems parallel to itself nor is it keeping a constant angle with the curve. Then how is this parallel transport?
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    Hi, Just to get a different perspective. Can you please explain with regards to the image on page 70...
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    I am bit confused now. The explanation given by tiny-tim will hold only if the curve changes discontinuously. Otherwise how do you explain the change of behavior from moving along the segment during AN to keeping retaining the old direction NB in the figure...
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Can you please explain how you can tell that the vector is parallel to itself during the transport through the segment AN (I am not able to figure that out :smile:)
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    Hi, Thanks. Here's my doubt. In the above figure the arrows are definitely parallel in the segments NB and BA. I am not able to understand why the same is not true for the segment AN?
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    Thanks. Please help me out with this. In the path 1 it seems arrows are drawn tangential to the surface. So, initially what was pointing right points downwards by the time it reaches end of segment 1. During the segment 2 the arrow doesn't change direction and reaches starting point of 3 still...
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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    I am having trouble understanding the concept of parallel transport of a vector along a closed curve. It is said that if the space where the curve resides has a curvature the orientation of the vector will change when it comes back to its original position. Can you help me in visualizing this...
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    Will the universe reach thermal equilibrium even though its expanding exponentially?

    The effect of exponential growth of the scale factor will be negligible at the everyday scale. So I believe even though the distance between objects will keep increasing, the structures in the universe, galaxies and atoms etc would not be greatly affected. Of course the size of the atom would be...
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    News Mumbai attacks: Did it have to happen yet again?

    The news is deeply disturbing. Hope they can catch the culprits soon and put them to justice.
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    How do you parametric plot?

    I think this is what you want ParametricPlot[{{4 - t, t}, {4, t}, {6, t}}, {t, -6, 6}]
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    Suppose i have a bucket full of water in a closed room,the water is

    I believe the temperature of the room will increase. As you mentioned it a closed room and the heat lost by the bucket of water has to go in increasing in temperature of the room. This would be in accordance with the second law as now the energy is distributed among the enormously large...