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    How sure gravitons exist?

    Propagation speed of gravity. I had always assumed gravity travels at light speed and not above. Gravity is information. Imagine there is an SMBH at the core of our galaxy and one day it decided to Suprahypernova and convert itself completely to cosmic ray high energy photons. After a few...
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    Quarks, and gluons

    Ambitwitsor thankyou for your patient and very precise answers to what I realise came across as naive questions. I don’t really understand electromagnetism, strong, weak, gravity, or spin. However I know a little bit about each, and have since found the standard model chart from
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    Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engines

    Sorry I didn't mean you can mine antimatter. I mean you mine iron or coal, and use the energy to create hydrogen or antimatter. More resposible would be to use solar power. Surely an antimatter engine is easy. You have a parabolic mirror, and burn a positron and electron at the focal point...
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    Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engines

    Anti matter is the ideal fuel. It is a fuel like hydrogen(H, D, or T) is a fusion fuel, uranium is a fission fuel, and chemical rockets use a chemical fuel. You can either mine or generate the fuel. Either the way the magic thing you need is energy. So you can burn oil or use hydrogen fusion...
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    Complex trjectories?

    If there is no ban on super-liminal velocities, would a particle be constrained to either super-liminal, or sub liminal velocity. Or could it tunnel across the light barrier ? It cannot cross the light barrier because it needs infinite mass or infinite accelleration. If subatomic particles...
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    Quarks, and gluons

    I’ve been trying to find specifics about quarks and gluons, and it seems like not a lot is known. If I’ve got things right Up quarks have a speculated mass between 1.5 and 4.5 MeV, and Down quarks a speculated mass of between 5 and 8.5 MeV. Gluons are considered to be massless. A proton is...