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    Any genetic tests available to general public

    to find my risks to demetia ,alzheimers disease or other health risks available as a pilot study clinical trials or amothing of that nature?
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    Is life on earth a one-time event?

    read upon this experiment I am sure that something similar is brewing up somewhere else in the universe.
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    How long does it take for a pandemic virus to die out ?

    Viruses dont die out at all completely naturally until their molecular structure is broken down . That is why it is recommened to burn the dead bodies of victims of virus pandemics like AIDS ,measles etc. If not they will mutate themselves to cohabit in other animals mostly and make a...
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    Opposition to evolution

    Assuming that the first self producing molecule appeared close to 5 Billion years old, there is no feasible alernatives to evolution .It might need a lot of tweaks and minor or even major modilfications to explain certain observed criteria . But the fact the all of life is made of proteins...
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    Are viruses life?

    Yes viruses are a lifeform .So also were the their rudimentary predessors who were capable of self sustaining and duplication
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    Are viruses life?

    Life is a borderline unit of lifeform. The exactly sit the border of the quick and the dead. they do reproduce using a host cell they are self contained they mutate they understand the presence of a potential host cell
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    How are animals digested in the human body?

    When humans eat steak , the human body converts those animal protiens into human protein. how does the body actually does that ? does it break down the animal protein into its subsequent amino acids or just repair its 3D structure to match that of the human protein structure without breaking...
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    Study says nearly every species of animal engages in homosexual behavior

    I think the modern day intelligent animals like apes , chimpanzees , humans and baboons etc had a common ancestor which started to practice homosexuality in the wild. Lower oder animals does not practice homosexuality. Homosexuality is usually absent when the level of intelligence in an animal...
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    IQ of a Physicist and Other Related Fields

    I am not a physicist myself .But what You need to be physicist in my opinion is a strong passion to learn the mysteries of physics and a willingness to work hard to back up ur passion.
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    The BRIC Economies

    Part of the blame for making the BRIC contries achieve a huge economic grows rests with the US and EU. bad policies and greed caused american and european jobs to be outsourced to BRIC nations and factories shut down . Now the US has to put with substandard BRIC products and services
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    U.S. dollar to be completely replaced?

    Yes eventually. Till 1940s pound sterling (UK) was the de facto currency of choice for internationl trade and as in instrument for monetary debt for global financial institutions In a likely scenario , In 20 years down the line, an IMF backed currency , which has weightage of the global...