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    Favourite Quotes

    The wolf will always be labeled as bad if little red riding hoods account is the only one entertained.
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    3 word story

    In a distant land called Arcadia, lived a monstrous mathematician who had discovered a new method to topple the evil tree shaped cow with a sharp and poisonous alicorn. Given that a maiden can only be found to catch an unicorn from the land of Nosgoth, also known for its nose and its legs...
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    PF Random Thoughts Part 2

    Borg has 701, that is prime.
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    Who is your favorite SciFi character?

    Full agreement on Picard as leader over Kirk. I'll chose the Cat from Accelerando for a favorite sci fi character.
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    People not interested in science?

    I understand the point you are making, but I don't see how more knowledge equals the extinction of the arts/culture. I'm sure some things would change, of course, but I think there are way too many unknowns.
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    Music genres

    I've met more than a couple techno fans that are the same way, I'd bet one could find many examples for other broad genres. As a punk fan, I love some Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat but then someone goes and calls Blink182 punk and I want to protest.
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    Girl with no classes together

    If this advice was from me to younger me, I'd say do it anyway. Also, don't fret over what may happen, it will only make a simple thing more complicated.
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    What is your worst fear?

    Losing my mind, dementia, Alzheimer’s etc., doubly so if I realize it is happening.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    This is one of my favorite songs Current song: Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
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    Roommate Issues

    Sounds hypocritical to me. You can do whatever you want whenever you want, and he should be able to as well, unless you don't like it? It is not illegal for your roommate to have guests over, even if you don't care for them being there and ask them to leave. It also seems that you...
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    Social life - is it important

    In my opinion, being alone for a spell can be a great way to get things done, but for the overwhelming majority social interaction will turn in from a want to a need at some point. Into The Wild might be a good movie for you to check out, it kind of deals with the whole being alone for a long...
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    Here's another riddle

    There's probably a better way to word this but here is my solution.
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    A few songs all physicists should listen to:P

    They Might Be Giants - Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)
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    A riddle

    This may prove to be useful in visualising your answer.
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    Saddest songs you've heard

    Joy Division - New Dawn Fades The Cure - Pictures Of You James Taylor - Fire And Rain Ryan Adams - I Taught Myself How To Grow Old Pink Floyd - Goodbye Cruel World