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    Convex Function on Many variables on an interval

    Yes you are right in this, sorry I did not stipulate this, x1= a and x2=ma=mx1
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    Convex Function on Many variables on an interval

    Homework Statement Show that f(x) = x1x2 is a convex function on [a,ma]T where a \geq 0 and m \geq 1. Homework Equations By definition f is convex iff \forall x,y\in \Re \quad \wedge \quad \forall \lambda :\quad 0\le \lambda \le 1\quad \Rightarrow \quad f\left( \lambda x+(1-\lambda...
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    IBM PC XT Ram question

    Not sure you got what im saying. Even if the max was 640kB , on the photo you can clearly see 27 chips each with 256Kbits of DRAM. This would amount to 6912Kbits in total and thus 864KB. From what I can see that board is equipped with more memory than it can handle, or I might be seeing it wrongly.
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    IBM PC XT Ram question

    Hi All, i was looking at the IBM PC XT technical reference and it states that the board can take a maximum of 256K of memory. If you look at the schematic you can then see 36 sockets for memory chips and if you see this picture of it...
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    Three - phase transformer

    Homework Statement A 2,000 kVA three-phase 33000/6600 V 50 Hz delta - star(wye) connected transformer has a primary and secondary winding resistances of 8 ohms and 0.08 ohms per phase respectively. The leakage reactance referred to the secondary is 1.5 ohms per phase. Calculate the sec...
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    Common collector and common emitter

    Hi, im trying to build an amplifier with 2 stages, common collector and common emitter. I biased for midpoint operation in them but i have a gain of only 1, dont know where im going wrong. Thats the circuit, any help is greatly appreciated
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    Engineering Collector Current through BJT Circuit

    THanks, I just realised what he did, He assumed Ie=IL and Ib=0 since it is very small.
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    Finding reverse saturation current.

    Use the Shockley Diode equation, that should yield an answer.
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    Engineering Question regarding introductory circuit analysis

    You could try using the Superposition theorem by first considering one source , then the other, separately, then adding or subtracting the currents as needed.
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    Engineering Collector Current through BJT Circuit

    Homework Statement Consider the following circuit [Broken] IL, current through R3 (unknown resistance must be found) Homework Equations Vth=(Vcc/Rtotal)*R1 (V tThevenin) Rth=R1//R2 (R Thevenin) Vbe= 0.7 volts (silicon...