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    Physics Job interview physics question examples?

    For the research lab I worked at we worried more about the candidates on a personal level than a academic level. They were phd hires, and would give a presentation about their work to a large audience of scientists which would ask related questions. Then small interviews with people, but at an...
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    Muriatic acid out gassing in a heated machine

    The chemistry forums might be more helpful.. :0
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    Materials Balance question for assignment. Help needed.

    So what are the issues? We don't do peoples homework here on physics forums, you need a specific issue or question!
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    Why can you blow glass and not other materials?

    This group was in the news awhile back. They have a fancy metal with properties that allow it to be blown at low temp's and pressures. Mechanically blown though, not by lung...
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    Questions about ChemE?

    Don't even worry about the math and go for it. If you passed the AP test with a 5 you have already learned almost all the math, you just apply it now in all sorts of fun scenarios. Differential equations aren't the most fun but it sure beats electrical engineering...
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    Is it silly to apply a second time for transfer?

    Not silly at all! I planned on applying in the spring to schools, but due to California's budget cuts schools stopped accepting spring transfer students. I ended up applying early in fall, missing a couple transfer classes (physics 3, Linear algebra, diversity course). I applied to Caltech...