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    Physics I have a Physics B.S., now what?

    well, one thing i want to point out is, depending on how good you are, you can actually make a living being a grad student. I knew one electrical engineering grad student who was making 50K a year. Yes, its an incredible rarity, but if you can get people lining up to pay your for...
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    Is investment banking on Wall Street dead?

    it is actually kind of dead. you might as well be day trading. There is literally nothign with a stable upward trend with the exception of maybe energy market, and even that not nearly as stable as it used to be
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    Physics I have a Physics B.S., now what?

    getting a job with a BS in physics is quite hard. Like stats/math, physics is simply one of those degrees where you really kind of need a MS/doctorate to get into industry/acadamia. I would recommend getting a post baccalaureate degree in operations research/industrial engineering. The strong...
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    Becoming an actuary without majoring in Acturial Science?

    that is something i considered SChools with actuarial degree programs are actually quite rare However, u do not need a dgree. You just have to pass the exams. However, it is helpful to major in something relevenat, such as math, applied math, statisitcs, accounting, etc... You will want to...
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    Can i get a progamming job without a CS degree?

    at that point i have absolutely no clue how to do anything like that. I am comfortable with working wiht some unix distros such as fedora and ubuntu, and i am comfortable using bash and writing bash scripts. Im also learning the tc shell. How should i go about learning how to write kernel...
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    Can i get a progamming job without a CS degree?

    well im definitely not getting it, since i still have over a year before i graduate so i cant even aplply lol but i might check with them next year. I looked at your website. You were a programmer? May i ask, why didnt you try to get another programming job?
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    Can i get a progamming job without a CS degree?

    OMG i was scrounging the internet for job openings and i found something that was perfect! also, in the requirements: Bachelor's degree in computer engineering or applied mathematics (or equivalent). Now, i need to get this job. What are some things i can do to boost my resume?
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    Personal statement critique, honesty appreciated!

    it sounds good, but i really dont think you should satrt it by talking about personal statements lol
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    Engineering Can engineering be for NON-tomboyish girls?

    it is crazy easy for girls to land jobs/internships in engineering So yea go ahead
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    Can i get a progamming job without a CS degree?

    yea, i guess im not too worried. I think the main thing now though, however is getting some experience outside of the class room cause right now i have none. Im trying to look into getting a small research position with a professor, or anything to put on a resume besides classes ive taken
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    Can i get a progamming job without a CS degree?

    well, one of my other big fears is, lets say i line up some interviews, and i get asked: "so why didnt you just go for a BS in computer science?" and honestly the only answer i have is: "well, the CS department was impossible for me to get in since my grades were bad the first two years"...
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    Can i get a progamming job without a CS degree?

    dont get me wrong, i am definitely happy with what i am doing. I think from a purely coding perspective, with a little more work, i can be as good at coding as an actual CS major. However, i looked at many different CS programs, and they all culminate in large group projects which span one or...
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    Reading WAV as data/numbers into Excel

    the first field is time, and it increments in 1/frequency. The second field is the amplitude. Digital audio always has an amplitude between -1 and 1. THe units are dB, however dB is a pure logarithmic unit. Its a unit, but its not actually there. Kind of like radians
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    Can i get a progamming job without a CS degree?

    ok so heres the thing: I really want to be a programmer as a career. However, there are some complications: At my school, computer science is a closed major, and its fairly competitive to get in. In my first 2 years of college, i didnt know what i wanted to do and i did not take school...