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    Leaky capacitor problem

    Homework Statement a. A leaky parallel plate capacitor has an area A. Its dielectric has thickness d, dielectric constant k(Kappa), and resistivity p(rho). Find its resistance R and its capacitance C, and its time constant for internal discharge t(tau). b. A second leaky capacitor is...
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    Gauss' law problem with sphere

    Gauss' law states that the flux of the electric field is equal to Q/epsilon0. my question then is how do i relate that to the given statement v(r)=wr^p?
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    Gauss' law problem with sphere

    Homework Statement In a spherical region, the voltage is measured to be spherically symmetrical, with v=v(r)=wr^p a. Find the radial electric field. b. Use Gauss’ Law to find the charge enclosed in a sphere of radius r. c. Find the charge enclosed by a sphere of radius...