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    Other Did I choose the right books for relearning math (Geometry, Algebra, Logic and Proofs)?

    I haven't read it myself but I know that the Russian original is based on material taught in the third part of an analysis course at the top national university. No idea why the English edition was titled "Introduction".
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    Other Did I choose the right books for relearning math (Geometry, Algebra, Logic and Proofs)?

    Well, trigonometry is the only one which is a bit like a textbook. It is still kind of short (but I guess the length is normal for a school textbook). Of course, Gelfand being one of the top mathematicians, one can still learn a lot from anything he writes. Same with Polya. I just wouldn't...
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    Other Did I choose the right books for relearning math (Geometry, Algebra, Logic and Proofs)?

    Everything by Lang in general is very good but can/should be supplemented for additional reading. If your goal is to read Spivak, why not read a standard calculus textbook first? I liked Lang's "A First Course" very much. It's a bit lengthy though, so you'll probably want to skip some parts...
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    Analysis Is Baby Rudin a good choice for first my Real Analysis textbook?

    If you want a middle ground between Spivak and Rudin, then Bartle and Sherbert's Introduction... is quite reader-friendly. It is not as much fun as Spivak, but it does the job in a systematic manner starting from foundations. It is also a proper first real analysis book.
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    Teaching myself math in jail?

    I am currently reading Statistics by Freedman, Pisani and Purves. It is fantastic. The book teaches how to think about statistical methods and concepts deeply while keeping the mathematical level very accessible. For this reason one will need to read more advanced material later, but a very...
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    Other Interested in purchasing Russian textbooks in mathematics

    Why not try Russian online booksellers like I know it ships books (but not other items) internationally.
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    GRE Quant Very bad score? Why?

    It is completely possible to fluke GRE quant even when you feel confident in you math skills. I myself got very bad scores once due to stress and lack of sleep (and also not preparing for it seriously). When I retook it later, I had 790 (99th percentile) score without much trouble. You should...
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    Other Textbook reviews online somewhere?

    For mathematics there are also MAA Reviews.
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    Geometry What's a good book on geometry to read after Kiselev?

    Have a look at Birkhoff and Beatley's Basic Geometry.
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    Calculus Difference between Calculus 4th edition and Calculus 3rd edi

    There is some information regarding that on the publisher's [Broken]webpage:
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    Other Micro- and Macroeconomics

    There are plenty of good books to recommend. Try Varian's Microeconomic Analysis and Blanchard & Fischer Lectures on Macroeconomics.
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    Relearning Probability

    I like Elementary probability theory by Kai Chung. You may want to supplement it with chapters from a discrete mathematics book for combinatorics. The other option would be reading a more advanced book to get the intuition, and then coming back to the level of Ross for problems.
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    Vandenbosch, Huizenga. Nuclear Fission

    Why not check a library, if you are near one?
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    Actuary vs Econonomics

    If you want a proper job, the actuary program is clearly a better choice. By the way, the fields have little in common.
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    Learning C Programming

    K&R can be read by anyone still in high school. It is very well written, accessible and short. As for the above recommendation to start with C++, it's a terrible suggestion.