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    A simple reason why creationism is false

    Why are you insinuating that that isn't merely the way it actually is? Apparently it is not intellectually satisfying if "everything has equal weight." But the opposite is also unfalsifiable.
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    You are arguing against how dairy producing animals are treated in the US... but you have no argument why milk ITSELF is inherantly evil and cruel. I don't even Live in the US.
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    Can you answer this unanswerable question?

    I don't know anything about Cartisian dualism, other thatn alot of people don't like it. but I have already posted a long introduction By Chris Langan which speaks about it, somewhere. I renounce this forum though because I feel this sort of philosophy is a waste of life. It merely gratifies...
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    Can you answer this unanswerable question?

    I don't have arguments here. I do not like religion. I also do not care much about reality or "validity" it is true, please do not assume otherwise. I have no taste for reality, maybe parareality or transreality.
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    If one being made the rules

    There's nothing I can explain about Zen philosophy, and if I were to guess, probably every member of these forums would hate it because it is not intellectualy stimulating. There is no philosophy, only spirituality. My Zen friend does not like religion, nor do I. I had a book of peotry and...
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    Can you answer this unanswerable question?

    Which religions? In the bhavaghad-gita, 5000 years old, Lord Krishna clearly explains the creation of the universe which could be considered big bang, and he also states that it will also be annihilated. I've asked some scholars of the scriptures for the actual duration of the universe and I...
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    Can you answer this unanswerable question?

    Apparently you got me. Again, the language is not suited. Okay, it is more accurately neither with time nor without time. The answer to "experiencing untime would take a certain ammount of time" depends on which perspective you use. To the perspective that exists within time, it might...
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    Science Vs. Religion

    Real philosophy is the art of wonder, not the art of persuasion or argumentation. Presuasion and argumentation accomplish nothing useful except to gratify the ego. I am trying to be neutral in regards to both science and religion, but you seems to be against religion and in favor of science...
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    If one being made the rules

    Predesination and free will are both illusions, yet they are the same and both real. My zen master friend says: the person with the most choise has the least reality, The person with the most reality has the least choice The macrocosm is "predestined," absoulte "free will" exists in the...
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    Reciprocation between the self and the unself

    We do not choose whome we love. "We" do not love in the first place, love merely flows through us, it does not originate in us. We are its insturment. "we" do not love objects of our sences, not another body or a personality. "we" love the other outward flow of someone's spirit. Love itself...
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    Spiritual integrity (why I rejected religion)

    Greetings. You are speaking about scripture, I agree with you. The Guadiya Vaishnavas (followers of Lord Chaitanya), say "For one who has seen the truth, scripture is as useless as a well on a riverbank. I have expanded it to say to a spiritual man, religipon is as useless as.... The...
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    What happens after death

    It is because the brain facilitates consciousness and like As was said, chemical stimulations in the brain will affect consciouness just as consciousness will affect chemicals in the brain. It is like the difference between pushing a cart and pulling the cart. But the casue for mental...
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    Is a god possible?

    Why is it important to have "facts" which are validated and correct?