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    News The Terminator Arrives Earlier than Expected

    They are called sentry guns, korea and israel had them for a long time now.
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    Budget phone camera

    Nokia lumia 1020 has a good camera.
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    Does universe expansion separate photons, traveling parallel?

    Just google tolman gravitation of light. Some relevant work shows up starting with the original 1931 paper.
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    Looking for an unusual material

    Natural kind of cellulose sponges are made out of wood or vegetable fibers. I know Trader Joe's here ( imports them from France so you might find it somewhere in Europe or figure out how they make them. I think they match all your...
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    Looking for an unusual material

    How about cellulose or luffa sponges?
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    Ultrasonic actuator from Ceramic Phono Cartridge

    I'll try that, thanks.
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    Ultrasonic actuator from Ceramic Phono Cartridge

    That output of 10mV is for moving magnet type coils, piezos give as high as 0.5 V and can directly drive speakers. The phono cartridge is a stock one on a Vibe turntable, a cheapo one and probably no brand. It's stereo so has two piezo elements (90 deg at each other and 45 with the cartridge)...
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    Ultrasonic actuator from Ceramic Phono Cartridge

    Hi, I'm using a piezoelectric ceramic phono cartridge to produce high frequency displacements in the phono stylus. I'm driving it with a function generator that has an output of +-10 V sine wave . I connected the generator to a transformer that has a 1/10 reduction ratio to ramp up to voltage...
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    Human Powered Air-Kart (Help!)

    Is there a specific reason you want to use compressed air? It would be more inefficient than an electrical based system like a hybrid car. You can instead have somebody pedal an electrical generator at an optimum rate continuously, and divert some/all the output to the main motor or the battery...
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    China made swiss watches before the swiss Does this mean the swiss are making fake chinese watches?
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    Sherwood number - effective and molecular diffusion

    This might help
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    Biocompatible Non-Degradable Polymers

    Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
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    I wanted to know that what exactly is Knocking in an engine cylinder.
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    Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants

    I think there were workers in the basements working on the electrical connections and there was no flooding at that point (maybe within couple weeks). Then one day ( i cant remember the exact date), they found some water about 30 cm deep, and two or three workers got irradiated through their...
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    Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants

    You are a new poster here and i understand you havent gone over the thousands of posts. All the things you mention were discussed here a while ago and debunked basically. Reactor 3: The big blast is not directly related to the destruction of the top parts of the reactor, there were images...