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    Help Needed With Power Calculations

    Please post these calculations. Conservation of energy will always hold. As far as a basis for feasible power generation is concerned, there's much more to consider than just power input and received output. One must consider the type of load; current and projected markets; load growth...
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    How to create a mini generator that will charge my phone?

    The magnetic circuit is the main intrigue and should command most of your care and attention. Good material will go a long way to ensuring the best results. 1.) High quality, un-laminated, purified copper. 2.) Cold-roled, grain-oriented, silicon steel (CRGOS) is the typical core material for...
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    PCB traces are overheating (due to eddy currents ?)

    Trace length matters here, even at the lower frequency. You're certain there's not more than 26A in consumption? You've measured this?
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    Power lines connecting to the ground

    Fault impedance can vary from nearly zero to effectively infinite (open circuit). When engineers examine fault characteristics of a power system one set of figures will represent the fault duty of the system itself (the fault level the system will provide given the lowest impedance path back to...
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    Harmonics in Power Systems

    I've done this twice thus far. I've got data spanning about 70 days. There was no blink/loss/magic within that time frame. The day after I go get the meter to look at the records they have another incident. Same time as all the others, about 11:02
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    Harmonics in Power Systems

    Could you clarify what you mean by power quality study? How broad are we talking? Investigation of the whole feeder? I've installed a power quality meter (here) and other than Current THD things were found to be within tolerances.
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    Harmonics in Power Systems

    Yes, I thought of needing to add a little schematic last night. I drew one out some time ago. I'll add that below. A current THD averaging around 25% isn't bad? That's what I meant by "harmonic issues." A poor choice of words. The faulted instances were on the low-voltage side of the...
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    Harmonics in Power Systems

    Seeking the guidance of the Physics forums gurus, I was told this would be a good question to contribute to the community. Perhaps it will lead to an in-depth discussion of harmonics: Their creation, implications to power quality, and how to mitigate them. I've been looking at some power...
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    Induction motors

    These questions you're asking are too broad and should be answered through your own study. It's best to come to PF with specific questions after having studied the material. That being said, magnetic field frequency is a result of the current frequency and cannot be decreased nor increased...
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    What is the resistance of a wire if its diameter is doubled?

    I does in fact mention the length. It states the volume of the putty remains constant as the diameter is increased by twice. For that to be true, the length must also change. Remember that resistance is approximated from resistivity and is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of...
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    Transmission Line Transposition - Conceptual Question

    The location matters because the mutual inductance and capacitance changes with regard to the orientation of the conductors in space (or in the ground). The mutual inductance of three parallel conductors is different than the mutual inductance of 3 conductors oriented equilaterally. By this...
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    How to understand the Rating of this transformer

    The Maximum continuous AC Power rating: 7.5kVA Primary Voltage: 460VAC Secondary Voltage: 230 L-L; 133 L-N Can be tapped to provide either: 105.0%, 100.0%, or 95.0% of primary nominal voltage. Winding Structure: Delta/G-Wye Percent Impedance at 170 C (normal operating temperature): 3.3%...
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    Alternating energy

    Very nice. I've read all of your insights with great interest. Thank you for taking the time to write them. I'd not read B Level explanation of conduction thread. It went off-rails about as quickly as one would expect. Language can only take you so far. Pictures are the key, I think. They are...
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    Alternating energy

    Electrons are not tiny packet of energy that deliver power. They will not move quickly at any voltage level used in the power system. You confuse propagation of an electromagnetic wave (which is electricity) with drift velocity of charges. EMag waves travel at a goodly portion of the speed of...
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    AC Mains Power conditioner question

    I think you need to have a word with your provider. Problems like this should not exist if you're in a developed region. There are UPS/Generator subsystems where the UPS produces a sine-wave until the generator can have time to spin-up. These are expensive. Beyond that, there is very little you...