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    Linear Inverting Amplifier Help

    Homework Statement A linear inverting amplifier has these characteristics: -5.0V < vo < +5.0V Av=35 dB The output rails at -5.0V and +5.0V That is, the amplifier outputs no voltage larger in magnitude than 5.0V. What is the gain in V/V? What is the output if vi=-8.0V? Homework...
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    Finding Impulse Response of Frequency Response

    Homework Statement Consider the frequency response H(e^jw) = e^j3w(5 + cos(w) + 2cos(w)). Find the impulse response h[n]. Homework Equations H(e^jw) = Ʃ(from k = 0 to M) bk * e^-jwk = Ʃ(from k = 0 to M) h[k] * e^-jwk The Attempt at a Solution So i'm not sure at all how to get...